Choose your photobooth style:

Enclosed Photobooth

Our enclosed booths are very portable and get into any place with ease. From a low-key school carnival to a corporate conference, to the fanciest events in town, our booths fit right in. We are the “cadillac” of photobooths, equipped with touchscreens and the fastest printers on the market. The look is very important, you don't want a pop-up tent at your special event. Our booths are sleek and very classy looking. We bring everything we need, so there is no need to worry about providing anything.

See the set-up process in action of our enclosed booth. I promise you we are super fast. :)

Open Air Photobooth

Our open air photobooths are a great alternative to the enclosed booth. They provide endless entertainment not only for the people in the picture but those who gather around watching. They are great for large groups. This booth option features a free-standing background where guests can stand in front of or sit on a bench. Just imagine the entertainment it would provide as your guests gather around to watch others take goofy pictures.