Why we love what we do?

Photoboothing (yes, we made that word up) is just a BIG party at your event! We like to call our booths “party booths”. Just imagine: 10-14 people squeezed into our booth laughing and being crazy together, while all of it is being captured on camera! People love being able to take these fun memories home with them, and once they’ve been in the booth, they usually come back for more! And best of all we get to watch all the happenings in the booth:) In most cases this is an awesome job to do.

Is the Wichita Photobooth Company locally owned? Or a franchise?

We are family-owned business. From the beginning of the process–price quotes, gathering information–to pre-event planning, finalizing details, running the booth at your event, and wrapping up details afterwards…we take care of all of that. We are super detailed because we know your event is special. You won't be left wondering what step is next.

Are all photobooths created equal?

We believe the simple answer to that is no. We all know that anyone can set up a photobooth and print off pictures, that's easy. Remember that this is YOUR special day. The vendors and entertainment choices you make can say a lot about your event. It's not worth it to take a chance on a start-up company, choose the best and most reliable. Also remember that you are not only getting a physical booth but a personality with the booth, too. We know that your event is important, so we pride ourselves in being professional, courteous and fun!

Who is responsible for running the booth?

Our booth attendants are highly-trained and well-paid, as we know that a great attendant makes for a great photobooth experience for you and your guests. Our attendants are always well dressed and very professional from the beginning of your event to the end.

How will the booth look at my event?

Our booths are not only the most experienced in town, we have been to almost EVERY venue in the Wichita area. Our booths are very portable and get into any place with ease. From a low-key school carnival to a corporate conference, to the fanciest events in town, our booths fit right in. We are the “cadillac” of photobooths, equipped with touchscreens and the fastest printers on the market. The look is very important, you don't want a pop-up tent at your special event. Our booths are sleek and very classy looking. We bring everything we need, so there is no need to worry about providing anything.